Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harvest time!

The project I've been working on in Panyikwara, Eastern Equatoria state started harvest this month! I thought I'd share these photos of some of the participants with their produce (some of it still growing in the field). See if you can spot the sesame, sorghum, and beans!

This is (in order of appearance): Abdalla















Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for the situation in Western Equatoria with the LRA (northern Ugandan rebels/terrorists). Two weeks ago, 9 people were killed in the diocese of Nzara. Most of the diocese of Nzara, and all of the diocese of Yambio and the diocese of Ezo are displaced to the towns. Ibba also continues to be effected. And Maridi, Mundri, and Lainya continue to have large numbers of IDPs (internally displaced people). Though this area is very fertile and has had plenty of rain this year, they expect widespread hunger next year because the crops were abandoned as people fled, or burned by the rebels.

The drought in East Africa this year caused terrible crop shortages across Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and south Sudan. Many dioceses in south Sudan are effected, and expect the hunger season to begin early and be more severe next year. Please pray for them.

Please pray for peace and reconciliation between the tribes to end the conflicts over cattle and territory that have killed thousands this year.

Please pray for the Government of National Unity, the Government of South Sudan, and for the continued implementation of the peace process. Especially for the peaceful conclusion of the legislative session, and peaceful elections next April.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The last two Sundays were spent at more enthronements and consecrations of bishops. We had the enthronement of the Bishop of Pacong, and the bishop of Akot (two new dioceses), and the consecration of the assistant bishop of Yirol, the assistant bishop of Port Sudan, and the bishop of Wau.

Wonderful celebrations all, of the life and growth of the Church!