Thursday, November 18, 2010


In July, when I was visiting the village of Panyikwara Abara, where I go often (article), my friend Pasca had just given birth 3 days previous when she hosted me in her house. Her husband Charles who is now a theology student, used to be the Archbishop’s Chaplain, and we traveled on many trips together last year. I have been blessed to become a friend of their family!

In Pasca and Charles’s area, the tradition is to name baby girls on their 4th day. So on the second day of my visit, I was given the amazing news that the baby girl would be named after me “Robinsida”. I was especially surprised, because while I like my name, most people here don’t like it, because it is considered a man’s name (and gender neutral names are extremely rare). So lucky for Robinsida, my name was altered to make it properly feminine.

I finally got to take a picture with Robisida when I was visiting this week. She is growing so fast!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Normal Life

My last monthly update, went out as an opinion piece on the Episcopal News Service.

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