Monday, February 9, 2009

Travels in the west

I just returned to Juba, from traveling to Western Equitoria state where we visited several dioceses, and saw the situation of the IDPs (internally displaced persons, as opposed to refugees who by definition have left their country) who were displaced by the recent violence by LRA rebels/terrorists in the region.

Please continue to pray for the IDPs in this area, and for returning refugees throughout southern sudan who are suffering from hunger.

I hope to send out an update about this trip shortly, which I will also post.

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Lisa Fox said...

Did you happen to visit Lui (just east of Mundri diocese)? We have a companion relationship with them and would love to hear news since our last visit (which was in Dec.-Jan.).

Blessings to you --
Lisa Fox
Chair, Companion Diocese Ctte
Diocese of Missouri