Monday, August 31, 2009

New Martyrs of Sudan

The Episcopal Church (USA) General Convention this year, approved May 16 as the feast day for the Martyrs of Sudan. (click here for background). This icon, was commissioned by Hope with Sudan, and painted by Sudanese artist Awer Bul, in commemoration of the martyrs. For more info or prints, contact Jerry Drino: Profit from the sale of prints will go to support survivors of recent attacks in Sudan.

People of the church continue to die in Sudan today. Please pray for the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

Prayer Request

Please pray for the Diocese of Ezo, currently suffering from frequent attacks by the LRA rebels. Pray for Bishop John Zawo, the diocesan staff, and the people. Two weeks ago a lay reader was killed in the church, and 8 children abducted, please pray for them and their families. Other lay readers and pastors have been killed, and other Sunday school children abducted by LRA in the past months.

Please pray for the Diocese of Twic East, currently suffering attacks and instability from local militia. Pray for Assistant Bishop Ezekiel, Rev. Phillip, Canon Mark, and all the diocesan leaders. Pray especially for the family of Archdeacon Joseph Mabior Garang, who was killed in the church while leading morning prayer, and the families of the 40 others killed in the attack on Wernyol last Saturday.

These recent attacks are part of an escalation of violence in the region. Please see the Archbishop’s appeal to the international community: click here

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