Monday, November 2, 2009

Sun Brownies!


Here is my solar oven. You can make your own if you have a black pot, a clear plastic bag (heat-resistant is best). And a shiny surface. You can look up lots of designs on the internet. I learned about solar cooking in Tanzania. (thanks Peggy and Nancy for teaching me, and giving me the kit!)

Here is my first attempt, brownies, made on Halloween! I checked the temperature at the height of cooking, and it was 190F. It took about an hour and a half to cook.

We don’t have an oven (or a refrigerator), so this is the first time I’ve gotten to make brownies all year, very exciting! A whole new world of cooking opportunities is open to me (provided the sun is shining!)

Looking at the sun got me thinking about how the same sun is looking down on all my friends and family in the US. And so I checked the sunrise time in California, and there is about an hour after sunrise in California, which is just before sunset here, so for that hour, we are both looking up at the same sun at the same time… in fact it's happening at this very moment! The world isn’t so big after all…. well maybe it is!


Between Taggerty and Juba said...

Well done Robyn. Great to read your blog!

TRSKS said...

Wow, what a great concept; solar cooking. ' Am wondering how one might access information about solar cooking, the kit, equipment to use, and instructions/directions. this could be a wonderful addition to our health care mission/ministries in Swaziland and Haiti. Hope to hear from you. You can email messages to I will excitedly await your kind reply. Dr. TR Shively.

TRSKS said...

Wow, solar cooking. What an awesome concept. ' Wondering how one can access a solar cooking kit, equipment, and directions for use.
We would envision teaching and using this cooking method for our health care mission/ministries education in Swaziland, southern Africa. It might also have a place in my trips to Haiti.