Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

From Good Friday, it is sometimes hard to see Easter. As we focus on the suffering and death of Christ, we are reminded of the suffering and death that continues to happen around the world. And the way that we continue to turn our hearts from God, even after Christ’s sacrifice.

In the midst of the dry season, it is difficult to remember that the rain will come. In the midst of hardship or sickness, it is hard to remember that this too shall pass.

In south Sudan, the dry season is giving way to the rainy season, the trees are coming back to life. This photo is of one of my moringa trees, just a little tree when the dry season began, it lost most of it’s leaves, but it is coming back to life now. It’s leaves are a symbol of hope, not just for the return of life to the land, but also because they can be used to treat malnutrition, and strengthen the immune system. All of my moringa trees survived the dry season.

It is an uncertain time here as we await the coming of the elections, which begin the first Sunday after Easter. This time too shall pass, and there is much hope as we pray for peace.

Today we contemplate just how far our God was willing to go to bring us, his wayward children, back into his loving embrace. Let us humble ourselves before God, who gives life to the world.

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