Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It’s a Tractor!

The long awaited arrival has finally taken place! The Episcopal Church of Sudan, Department of Agriculture, is now the proud owner of one Massey Ferguson 290 model, 82 horsepower Tractor, complete with plow, disk harrow, disk planter, and trailer.

A great big thank you to the United Thank Offering (UTO) for the grant which purchased this tractor!

UTO is an Episcopal organization in the US, which gives grants to dioceses all over the world. Wherever I have been in the world or at home, I have seen the great work of UTO. They are best known in the US for their “mite boxes” which people put coins in everytime they are thankful for something in their lives. But don’t just give coins, if you are really thankful, write a check!

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मी मिलिंद .... said...

nice one lady drive to tractor. its amesing.