Thursday, November 18, 2010


In July, when I was visiting the village of Panyikwara Abara, where I go often (article), my friend Pasca had just given birth 3 days previous when she hosted me in her house. Her husband Charles who is now a theology student, used to be the Archbishop’s Chaplain, and we traveled on many trips together last year. I have been blessed to become a friend of their family!

In Pasca and Charles’s area, the tradition is to name baby girls on their 4th day. So on the second day of my visit, I was given the amazing news that the baby girl would be named after me “Robinsida”. I was especially surprised, because while I like my name, most people here don’t like it, because it is considered a man’s name (and gender neutral names are extremely rare). So lucky for Robinsida, my name was altered to make it properly feminine.

I finally got to take a picture with Robisida when I was visiting this week. She is growing so fast!


The Rev. Amy Denney Zuniga said...

both Robins are so beautiful!

Castanea_d said...

(Unrelated comment) - You might be interested that here in our parish in Iowa, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and Daughters of the King are having a prayer vigil throughout the Jan. 9 election, starting on what for us in the U.S. is the afternoon of Jan. 8.

We have an unofficial connection with Bishop Samuel in the Diocese of Nzara. He did his theological studies here, and has many friends from those days. Indeed, that is how I happened on your blog last summer, was from looking for more information about the Anglican church in the Sudan.

We pray for a safe and good election day, and God's will in the results. And I remember your work in my prayers. I have not been commenting, but I enjoy reading about your ministry.

God's blessings be with you.

Laura said...

Robin! This picture is adorable!!! Robinsida is gorgeous! :) Love reading your blog and hearing what is going on over there, praying for you! Love Laura