Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Tuesday

Today there was a Town Hall Peace Forum, organized by the Episcopal Church of Sudan. It was a major event, sponsored by the UN and covered by all the Juba media outlets. Christian and Muslim leaders gathered to pray for peace and to encourage politicians and voters to conduct themselves peacefully during and after the elections.

Representatives from the parties were given a chance to respond and they pledged themselves to peaceful elections.

I got drafted to take the minutes for the 5-hour event. There is nothing like minute-taking for lengthening one’s attention span!

It was so encouraging to hear people from different religious affiliations, parties, organizations, and the government, all speaking passionately about peace.

Jesus calls us to follow him, to work for justice and peace on earth. The body of Christ is alive and well in the world today, we are not alone. The battle is already won! We know the ending of the story. The Prince of Peace will reign!

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